Curating Steps


Sound Installation

Curating Steps

Sound Braid

“Curating Steps” is a sonic braid compiled of field recordings that explores how mobility is shaped through networks of human practices. It explores sounds and silences, language and translation, displacement and diaspora, and aims to collapse expectations that might be construed as coherent or understandable in simple terms. A sound piece composed of recorded fragments plaited together to create a sonic imaginary, “Curating Steps” attempts to also provoke in its listeners a visceral response that reconnects to the politics of mobility by way of sensing the body back into sound. How does the body respond? Do these sounds prompt feelings of belonging? Do they conjure memories? Create new ones? How does sound affect the way that experience is sensed or felt? In the spirit of generation, “Curating Steps” explores how boundaries between seemingly disparate sonic snapshots blur, respond, or juxtapose clunkily with each other. More broadly, and outside of the scope of the piece, sound braid considers through remixing and listening processes, how sound impacts one‘s identity, sense of place, and movement through space. “Curating Steps” aims to attend not only to the politics of mobility as something to document, but to explore what the sounds of mobility might do to and through the listening body.  

“Curating Steps” is assembled using the contributions of sound braid’s curators Luisa Isidro Herrera, Nicole Marchesseau, and Johann Sander Puustusmaa. 

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