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a Sound Installation

➤ November 16 | 9 AM 5 PM
➤ Metro Toronto Convention Center (map)
➤ Room 703

Sound provides unique ways to think with and through transitions. DJs transition between records, radio transmits through space, and transduction pushes back against assumptions about presence and immersion. Inspired by the multiple possibilities of transitions in and through sound (as remixing, transmission, transduction), this sound installation includes soundworks on a wide range of soundscapes (from Indonesian popular music to the early morning city sounds in Gulu, Uganda) and modes of transmission (from live radio broadcasting to audiovisual documentaries). Contributors to the installation draw on the tensions between the audio recording as artifact and sound’s ephemerality. In transitioning from research site to sound installation, their soundworks propose an auditory bridge from fieldwork to conference space, creating zones of dialogical listening within and between them. Equally attuned to the AAA/CASCA 2023’s theme, the works presented here address various transitional instances including migration, displacement, protest, archival databases, music queering, and interspecies relationships.

The exhibit includes a workshop on ethnographic listening (limited seats available) on November 16 and an afterparty on November 17.

Curators: Leonardo Cardoso and Alexandra Lippman

Organizers: Leonardo Cardoso, Farzaneh Hemmasi, and Alexandra Lippman

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