Nocturnal, part iii


a Sound Installation

Nocturnal, part iii

Joella Bitter

Set in Gulu, Uganda, between the hours of 2am and 8am, this sound installation invites listeners to attune to the city’s active night worlds via its early morning atmospherics. Not only a time of transition from sleep to waking (Feld 2010), these early morning hours sound out multiple lines of activity, mood, and movement. Using field recordings edited and mixed in multi-channel, the installation borrows my interlocutors’ and friends’ self-ascribed nickname, “nocturnals,” as a way to elaborate the multi-layered non/human socialites that activate at night. Previously exhibited in Durham, NC, I have recently returned to this piece as I begin composing its full expression as a three-part multi-channel ethnographic narrative. This conference provides an opportunity to do so in conversation with others thinking with/against “transitions” as trope and practice.

8 minutes; multichannel installation; field recorded sounds edited and mixed digitally.

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