visceral politics


Sound Installation

Visceral Politics: Trans and Travesti Audiovisual Performances Against the Necropolitical Brazilian State

Carmen Alvaro Jarrín

This video and sound installation meditates on the affective power of artivism within the trans and travesti social movement in Brazil. I argue that by using artistic expression, particularly musical performance, for the aims of political activism that targets viewers at a visceral level, artivists like Linn da Quebrada, Jup do Bairro, Ayô Tupinamba, Tiely Prince, Bixarte, and Ventura Profana are able to invert the violence usually suffered by gender nonconforming individuals. Their music videos, lyrics and performances are a powerful response to the necropolitics of the Brazilian State, and all the structural violence it entails, because they allow these artivists to craft alternative spaces of hope and new political horizons.

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